For the Love of God, Just Do Something!

You know what’s fun about depression? I mean, besides absolutely fricking nothing? The complete and total inability to give a crap. Sure there are perks: living in pajamas because you never go anywhere, binge watching TV shows because you’re not about to move off of the couch, etc. Giving in to that lethargy is ceding… Continue reading For the Love of God, Just Do Something!

Depression? Sign Me Up!

I pulled out one of my medical textbooks and looked up the definition of major depression. “Chronic, severe symptoms of depression with apathy (indifference), hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, crying, insomnia, lack of pleasure in any activity (anhedonia), increased or decreased appetite, inability to make decisions or concentrate, fatigue, and slowed movements. During psychiatric interviews, depressed patients… Continue reading Depression? Sign Me Up!